Electronic Arts renomme DICE LA en Ripple Effect Studios

Ripple Effect Studios is starting development on a project that has yet to be announced.

The studio behind the Medal of Honor license is changing its name again to open a new page in its fabulous history within the video game industry. After Dreamworks Interactive, EA Los Angeles (merger with EA Pacific and Westwood Studios), Danger Close Games and DICE LA, the American publisher Electronic Arts as well as Vince Zampella (Respawn Entertainment) and Christian Grass have decided to opt for Ripple Effect Studios.

With us, the emphasis is on innovation and quality for every project, because even a small idea can change the world. This is what defines the new name of the studio“, Explains Christian Grass, Managing Director of Ripple Effect Studios. “We take great pride in our work, and DICE LA and the DICE team will be in our DNA forever. But over the past eight years, we’ve developed our own culture and our own way of doing things. We look forward to looking to the future, growing the team and establishing our own identity.

A new game is in development at Ripple Effect Studios

Vince Zampella and Christian Grass, the two heads of Ripple Effect Studios, focus on the arrival of new artists, designers and renowned engineers. If the team is working on Battlefield 2042 with DICE, it also prepares the ground for an original title: “We have an excellent reputation and want to become a new flagship player in the development of high quality games. With the creation of a new campus in Los Angeles and telecommuting positions, now is the perfect time to join us.

They believe that small ideas can turn into big innovations and change the way the industry approaches game development, live service, studio life and community engagement.

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