Electronic invoices, there is an extension to 30 September

The communication from the Revenue Agency arrived in the past few hours to clarify and give everyone the time necessary to manage this moment of impasse: the transitional period for storing electronic invoices is officially extended to 30 September 2021. The Agency’s provision also provides that VAT operators (or delegated intermediaries) and final consumers may have the possibility of joining the consultation and acquisition service of their invoices by the same deadline. Electronic invoices, new transitional period The context within which this provision arises is explained by the Tax Authority as follows: This further extension is aimed at concluding the last phase of the comparison with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data for the definition of the methods of implementation of the provisions of the fiscal link to the 2020 Budget Law (Article 14 of Legislative Decree 124/2019) which provided for longer terms for the storage of electronic invoices that pass through the Exchange System (SDI) and the possibility of its use in carrying out the institutional activities of the Financial Administration. The request of the Guarantor was that of greater minimization and proportionality in the processing of personal data, a fundamental aspect for the protection privacy, but an obstacle for the Revenue Agency in managing the exchange system. However, a series of solutions are on the table and the Guarantor has therefore agreed to a further temporary extension to allow the work to continue to finalize a new structure that can respond both to the needs of companies, as well as to those of the tax authorities, as well as to the fundamental principles for the protection of personal data. “The work of the table between the Guarantor and the Agency on the remaining aspects”, explains the communication from the Revenue Agency, “may be completed in the transitional period, extended to 30 September, by which the is authorized to continue to store the invoices that have passed through the SDI from 2018 to today and to store the invoices that will be issued from 1 July 2021, giving taxpayers the opportunity to join the consultation service “.

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