Even better than Tupperware? What makes these food storage bags so special

Every year around 12 million tons of food end up in the garbage in Germany. Consumers throw away around 75 kilograms of fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods per capita, what According to the consumer advice center corresponds to an annual total value of around 20 billion euros. It is particularly common to throw away leftovers from the day before, which many consumers would find inedible the next day.

But more and more people are grappling with the topic of sustainability and more conscious consumption in order to counteract waste. New packaging also helps to keep food fresher longer without producing a lot of plastic waste with disposable bags.

The practical ones Fresh storage bags from the Stasher brand are, for example, washable and also reusable. So if you prefer to store your leftover food in a bag instead of a large plastic box in the refrigerator, you should take a look at these bags.

Bags can be put in the dishwasher

The bags from Stasher can be put in the microwave as well as in the dishwasher.

Image: Stasher via Amazon

Regardless of whether it’s vegetables, rice or soups: You can store all kinds of solid and liquid foods in the food bags, which are made from pollutant-free silicone.

The bags are provided with a practical zip-lock or pressure seal, which allows you to pack your food airtight and thus make it last longer. The reusable bags are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator-compatible, meaning that you no longer have to use environmentally harmful cling film or aluminum foil.

The special bags are currently available on Amazon in different sizes from 13.38 euros to buy. Particularly practical: The stasher packaging can also be used to bring order back into your refrigerator. You can see in the video how you can best sort your refrigerator.

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