Excel, but not for everyone: learn advanced functions

If of Excel you already know how to use the basic modes, the most common formulas and all those functions that most users have learned with the simple experience on any spreadsheet, then you are ready to go a step further. Thanks to a much appreciated course available on Udemy (vote 4.5 / 5), in fact, it is possible to put one’s hand to all that is the most advanced front of Microsoft software, transforming Excel into something further from which to extrapolate value as it could not have been imagined before.

Excel, livello Pro

11 hours of on-demand video, 21 articles and 31 downloadable resources ad just 44.99 euros are the decisive step towards a true “Pro” certification:

    • You will learn the most advanced functions from a professional
    • You will learn all about Pivots
    • You will be able to Record Macros in VBA
  • You will be able to automate printing, billing, sending emails and more
  • You will be able to use Automation functions for Document Creation and Management
  • You will use Simulation Analysis and Scenarios
  • Advanced Charts
  • Use the Check Boxes
  • You will be able to apply Slicers and Timelines to Pivots

The course is based on an extremely pragmatic approach to speed up traditional work and to address common problems that may arise. Great attention is paid to pivot table, as well as at Macro in VBA, using a series of exercises for a passage of notions in an immediately applicative way.

If Excel is important for you, for your profession or for your daily activities, you cannot be satisfied with remaining within the average knowledge: you need a step towards the “Pro” and the Udemy advanced course it is the simplest and most accessible way to take this path.

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