Extensive construction site inspection after illegal tank construction

Tesla is again noticed by a construction violation in the Gigafactory project – this leads to a fine procedure and extensive controls. Meanwhile, the company itself makes a surprising announcement.

The Tesla trouble in Grünheide never ends: in one Construction site inspection on July 6th Brandenburg authorities investigated a complaint from the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Green League and identified building violations on the property Gigafactory Berlin firmly. Only three days later, a more detailed inspection took place, during which the construction work was to be checked further.

Tesla and the Gigafactory construction: this time it was chemical tanks

Five chemical tanks instead of just two, including one for unapproved coolant – this is not the first time that Tesla is building illegally. The company had already attracted attention in the past few months because piles had been driven too deep into the ground on the construction site and pipes had been laid without permission. The five tanks that are not yet filled and connected were that Daily mirror apparently had been applied for, but the group had ultimately only received approval for two.

“The LfU is therefore preparing fine proceedings. Commissioning the tanks is not permitted. The LfU is also checking whether further measures are necessary, ”quoted the dpa Sebastian Arnold, spokesman for the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU) on July 8th.

Tesla: Site visit by occupational safety, county authorities and the Ministry of the Environment

And indeed: on July 9, Tesla made the next inspection visit. The surveillance authority wants to ensure “that no further unauthorized activities have been and will not be carried out on the site,” said Arnold. In addition to LfU employees, inspectors from the Oder-Spree district and the health and safety authorities were also involved in the “extensive” inspection of the construction site. Nothing is known about the results for the time being.

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The group itself has not yet issued a statement on the incidents. At first it was not yet clear how high the fine would be for the inadmissibly erected tanks. Tesla builds in Grünheide mostly with pre-approval for individual production steps, a final environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg for the whole E-Auto-Factory is still pending. The relevant application documents are public until July 19 visible on the net.

Change of plan: The first models of the Tesla Y will probably not be produced in the Gigafactory

And while the renewed inspection visit took place in Grünheide, the company gave up Elon Musk known that the new Tesla Y not as originally announced to be available from “early 2022”; Pre-orders are now possible for September 2021. Accordingly, the model will not initially roll off the assembly line in Grünheide as planned – the first cars should probably be manufactured in Shanghai.

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