Facebook has suspended the page of former 5-star deputy Sara Cunial

The lawmaker became famous for her anti-vaccination stances which had guaranteed her a notable following on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform

Photo: screen of Sara Cunial’s Facebook page

Facebook seems to have said enough to the hoaxes spread by the former deputy of the 5-star Movement Sara cunial, now in the mixed group. For a few hours now is unattainable the Facebook page of the parliamentarian, who has been very active on social media for years and who had gained a lot of following there.

In Cunial’s posts it was easy to find openly anti-vaccine positions and conspiracy theories among the most varied such as those on the danger of 5G which also brought into question the American magnate Bill Gates. Facebook in May 2020 had already tagged a YouTube video in which Cunial talked about Gates’ plots as “disinformation”.

It is not yet known whether Cunial’s page has been canceled or only suspended, and even for what precise reason. For sure Facebook felt some of the content they had violated its guidelines. However, neither the social platform nor the Venetian deputy has yet given official communications on the episode. It is possible that Cunial’s showcase will be reachable soon.

Between conspiracy posts and disinformation around Cunial’s Facebook page has been created una community reference for all those who are against the vaccine, especially in recent months those distributed against Covid-19.

The parliamentarian was expelled from the M5S in April 2019, after defining her party’s line on the issue of xylella that hit the Apulian olive trees “A massacre in the name and on behalf of agromafies”. Cunial had already been suspended from the 5 Star Movement in 2018 due to her no-vax positions: had compared vaccinations to a “Gratuitous genocide”.

Even after his forced farewell to the 5 stars, Cunial had not abandoned his position and with the coronavirus pandemic he approached those of the covid deniers. During the lockdown she was sanctioned because she was found on the street without a reason valid that justified his move. In September 2020 he attempted to hug and kiss a journalist during a denial demonstration in Padua, to prove that the virus was harmless.

Cunial has been in politics since 2018, when she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as leaders in the Veneto 2 district for the movement founded by Beppe Grillo.

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