Facebook presents Bulletin, its new newsletter service

Facebook is launching Bulletin, a platform that wants to help content creators launch their newsletter.

Facebook launches its newsletter service, Bulletin, in the United States. © Facebook

In one blog post, Facebook presents Bulletin, a newsletter service for independent publishers. In order to support their work, this new platform offers to help them create content, monetize it and find their readers.

Bulletin, a comprehensive newsletter service

With Bulletin, Facebook wishes to support content creators in the process of creating a newsletter, from publication to building their community.

Among the features available to users:

  • For the publication: each creator can benefit from a dedicated page on the Bulletin site. It is fully customizable (name, logo, theme) and the articles can be enriched with various multimedia integrations.
  • For monetization: the platform provides for secure payments managed by Facebook Pay, creators can define several types of subscriptions that give access to specific features and services (the possibility of commenting or a Facebook group accessible only to subscribers of a newsletter). Analysis tools will be made available to creators in order to understand their audience and increase their number of subscribers.
  • For dissemination: the content published on the platform may be distributed in Facebook News, but also on other media external to the social network. Bulletin will integrate with Facebook pages to make it easy to share content and promote awareness.
  • To build a community: editors can create Facebook groups, accessible to everyone or reserved for subscribers, to feed their community. They will benefit from tools such as Facebook Live or Live Audio Rooms to be connected to their readership. Many moderation tools will also be provided.

A platform that values ​​creators

The beta phase of Bulletin is launching exclusively in the United States, but is accessible anywhere in the world. For the occasion, Facebook brought together some headliners, television stars, journalists and American writers, to promote its platform. The Bulletin site thus gives a good overview of what the firm plans for all those who would like to join this new service. Facebook also guarantees total independence of the publishers, their content and their subscriber lists are completely theirs.

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