Facebook will update its policies with an exception for satire

The social network accepted the recommendations of the Oversight Board after the removal of a satirical meme for hate speech

(foto: Josh Edelson/Afp/Getty Images)

It will be easier to satire on Facebook, without posts being deleted for breaking the rules. The social He has decided to update its content moderation policy by adding an exception just for satire. Facebook’s choice comes later a recommendation The Oversight Board – the board created to oversee decisions by the company itself – about a satirical meme the platform had removed in the past few months.

It was the a two button meme with Turkey having to choose between “The Armenian genocide is a lie” and “The Armenians were terrorists who deserved it”. Facebook removed the post for violating its hate speech policy, as set forth in community standards. The author of the post appealed the platform’s decision, but its removal was confirmed.

The Oversight Board has instead revoked the decision of Facebook, asking for the post to be restored. Not only that, it also provided some recommendations to the social network, which a few days ago he decided to accept.

Among these, the request to include the satire exception for content that incites hate stands out. Facebook, according to the council should “Adopt procedures to properly moderate satirical content, taking into account their context. In addition, the platform must ensure that appeals based on exceptions to the legislation “Are assigned as a priority to human control”.

Facebook then announced that it will add information to community standards “That clarify where we consider satire as part of our assessment of context-specific decisions”. This change will allow the moderation team “To consider satire when evaluating potential hate speech violations”.

It is not the first time that Facebook change its rules in response to the Oversight Board. The company previously clarified its hate speech rules after a board recommendation and agreed to retrace some aspects of its newsworthiness policy. This had allowed many politicians to break his rules, conveying misinformation and violent content.

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