FIFA 21 PS4 at an all-time low: EMPTY DOOR ASSIST

With the final phase of EURO 2020 which is now about to go live, the attention of the whole world is focused on the football stars: their exploits, as well as on TV, are also available on consoles thanks to a title like FIFA 21, simulation par excellence and sales champion. We offer it today at the historical minimum price, which can be purchased in the version PS4 its eBay for only 17.99 euros, at no additional cost for delivery.

Thus, FIFA 21 for PS4 is practically given away

Those who buy it are also guaranteed the possibility of obtaining the edition for free PS5. The title needs no introduction: it is the best seller of the category, capable of keeping millions of players glued to the joypad, engaged in solitary or multiplayer challenges, local or online. All the details in the dedicated card.

FIFA 21 boasts an exceptional testimonial, the champion Kylian Mbappé, forced in these days to early holidays following the exclusion of his France from the tournament, by a surprising Switzerland. Get your hands on the game for only 17.99 euros with free shipping.

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