Fifa 22, how the new HyperMotion graphics engine works

The new chapter of Ea’s football saga focuses on increasingly realistic animations and movements

(Photo: Ea)

Appointment next October 1st for the release of Fifa 22, the new chapter of Electronic Arts’ football simulation saga, which is revealed with the first awaited official trailer. At the heart of the novelties is the performing HyperMotion graphics engine which will best squeeze the potential of the new generation consoles with ultra-realistic animations resulting from an extensive work of capturing the movements of the most famous players and from the processing of proprietary algorithms.

Fifa 22 you will be able to play on next generation consoles Ps5 e Xbox Series X/S, of the older generation Ps4 e Xbox One, its pc and streaming on Google Stadia.

How HyperMotion works

At the center of the new edition and the prerogative only of the most recent systems is the new HyperMotion graphics engine, designed to make the movements of the players more realistic, varied and faithful to reality, also thanks to the scanning carried out on real athletes.

Ea has divided the work of fine-tuning the new graphics engine into two phases. The first was to capture the movements of the best known players both from the video of the matches and directly in first person on the field. In addition to the man-cover Kylian Mbappé, other champions have been summoned to be “mapped” by Ea through specials all called Xsens, developed to capture the movements of the 22 players on the playing field, especially in excited actions.

In the second phase, the river of data collected was therefore fed to machine learning andalgoritmo Ml – Flow to process and digest i 8.7 million frames of footage to make over 4000 new animations and interactions available in the game in real time as live. Playing Fifa 22 you will be able to appreciate a greater intensity of physicality and contact. Here is the trailer for the game:

Tactical AI is also new which manages in a more organic and realistic way the players who follow the user during the actions, allowing a more solid and concrete use of the modules in the movements with decisions made six times faster by the attackers in insertions and more compactness in the defensive phase. Other benefits include shooting preparation and stride modulation, aerial tackles or standing kick and ball control.

Last, but not least, Ea underlines how the players will be less virtual and more human with dialogues between teammates and opponents, exchanges of instructions and gestures, but above all more manifestation of the fatigue and stress accumulated during the matches, especially the most fought ones.

Fifa 22 release and price

You must therefore wait for the next 1st October to get your hands on a physical or digital copy of Fifa 22. The price remains on the same level as the previous chapter, you can already order on Amazon in the standard version for Ps5 e Xbox Series X/S a 79,99 euro oh 69,99 euro per Ps4 e Xbox One, a 39,99 euro for the Legacy Edition its Nintendo Switch, while your pc costa 59,99 euro in the standard version and 79,99 euro for the ultimate one.

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