Fire TV Stick, here is the Smart Home Panel

A simple screen, but in reality something much more significant: the new Smart Home Dashboard (“Smart Home Panel”) is the visible embodiment of Amazon’s smart home ambitions. A simple point of reference, theoretically, but in practice it is a place where the concept of smart home takes shape and everything happens around the navel of the Amazon brand.

Smart home panel

A screen, like this one, which from today will be available on all devices of the Amazon Fire TV series (example: all Fire TV Stick):

To access this function, simply ask Alexa via your Fire TV Stick “shows the Smart Home Panel“: It will appear immediately and will include all the devices connected to it.

To date, everything seems to be extremely Spartan, offering only access options to the various devices with no particular options available. However, the potential is evident: from the panel it is possible to turn off bulbs left on, see through video surveillance and much more. From the point of view of an intelligent assistant spread throughout the house, a panel of this type becomes essential for a general and immediate control over the individual connected components.

At the moment this is a very (too) basic experiment, devoid of customizations and lacking in options. Its value, however, lies in showing and touching the very idea of ​​smart home, creating a unique hub that puts Amazon and Alexa at the center.

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