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The Cupertino group released the first public beta of macOS Monterey, update of the operating system for computers of the bitten apple. It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 event and brings with it a number of Announcements noteworthy, although it certainly cannot be defined as “revolutionary” as it happened with its predecessor Big Sur.

The first public beta of the new macOS Monterey

These are the models of the line Mac supported by the platform, such as anticipated early June: iMac (from 2015), iMac Pro (from 2017), Mac Pro (from 2013), Mac mini (from 2014), MacBook (from 2016), MacBook Air (from 2015) and MacBook Pro (from 2015).

Anyone planning to download and install the public beta should first make sure they’ve run a backup of your data with Time Machine, so you can have a restore point in case of anomalies. It is then necessary to visit the portale Apple Beta Software Program via Safari, authenticate with your Apple ID if requested and follow the instructions.

Between Announcements announced, some are available exclusively for i Mac with Apple M1 processor. Here they are:

  • blurred backgrounds in Portrait mode for FaceTime videos;
  • Live Text for copy-paste, search or translation of text in photos;
  • interactive 3D representation of the Earth in the Maps application;
  • detailed maps of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London;
  • text-to-speech in languages ​​such as Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish;
  • on-device dictation with completely offline processing;
  • dictation with no time limit (previously 60 seconds).

The final version of macOS Monterey will be distributed later in the year, in the autumn as is traditional. In the same period he will also make his debut Windows 11, operating system packaged by Microsoft for the world PC.

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