For Netflix: Michael Bay turns hotly anticipated remake into action milestone

Streaming services have completely turned the entire film and television world upside down and reshuffled the cards within the industry. And meanwhile they are also producing their own series and blockbusters themselves, thus creating a lot of competition for the established studios. Even more: Time and time again, a provider such as Netflix appeared like the savior in need to save various titles from collapse.

So now: Like the industry magazine, among others Deadline reports, Netflix will work with established Hollywood greats to launch the US remake of “The Raid”. A multi-year odyssey for the project should now finally come to an end.

“The Raid”: Action-Expertise für Netflix-Remake

Iko Uwais im “The Raid”-Original.

Koch Media

“The Raid” is an Indonesian action film by Welshman Gareth Evans, which debuted in 2012 and quickly found a large fan base. Another sequel followed in 2014, since then it has been quiet about the powerful film series. “The Raid 3” will probably never come again, as Evans once said, but for eight years now Hollywood has wanted to promote a new edition.

Now the right people in charge have apparently been found. Hollywood riot king Michael Bay (“Transformers” series) will now act as producer and certainly bring his expertise to bear, Gareth Evans himself will also be on board as executive producer. In addition, a director has already been found in Patrick Hughes (“The Expendables 3”, “Killer” s Bodyguard “) who, by the way, was already scheduled for the film in 2014. Most recently, Hollywood action star Frank Grillo was closely associated with the project, but also According to the report, Netflix was “aggressively” interested in the new edition and now, after long negotiations, the deal has been closed.

The first details of the US version of “The Raid” are already there: The plot is said to be set in Philadelphia and revolve around an undercover unit of the drug agency that works its way up to the boss of a criminal organization through a number of informants.

It is not yet known when production will start.

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