For the whole of 2021 in the US it will not be possible to evict to put a house for rent on Airbnb

The rental platform has launched a new policy to limit the damage of the Covid-19 pandemic in American cities

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Airbnb will temporarily prohibit US landlords from letting their apartments in areas where they are located people were evicted for not paying the rent. This was made known by the most famous rental platform in the world, with an announcement published two days ago. Airbnb explained that it intends to intervene because the federal moratorium of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on residential evictions – which somehow protected people at risk of eviction – will expire later this month.

The moratorium, launched last September, has halved the requests for eviction but, according to a recent analysis conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 11 million Americans they are late with their rent and may be evicted when protection expires. An April census survey found that out of nearly seven million overdue rent respondents, more than three million expect to be at risk of being evicted within the next two months.

“Knowing that many cities are working to prepare for a potential wave of evictions once the moratorium is lifted”, the platform proposed a solution called Covid-19 Renter Protection Policy. Airbnb will ban new ads of apartments from which tenants were evicted due to non-payment of rent and where those who lived there had been protected by the moratorium of the CDC.

This policy will be in effect until the end of the year, with the possibility, according to the company, of being renewed. Airbnb also explained that it will try to involve many cities in this project, asking to share information on leases.

To support the tenant protection policy, Airbnb will appoint senior policy development manager Andrew Kalloch as responsible for coordinating this initiative. Airbnb has also called on its competitors in the industry to do the same to try to give a system response the potential evictions due to the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The practice of evicting long-time tenants, to make profits with Airbnb, however, is not new, the pandemic has only exacerbated it. For years, renters, particularly low-income, rent-controlled tenants, have complained that landlords illegally evicted them and later offered their rooms at higher prices than the platform.

The doubt of Gizmodo on this policy concerns the difficulty that Airbnb might have a involve some cities, as in Texas, where a federal judge declared the moratorium unconstitutional. Airbnb further explained that it will not apply the bans retroactively to previous evictions due to the pandemic.

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