Frank Sagnier and Rashid Varachia bid farewell to Electronic Arts takeover

Electronic Arts has announced the departure of Frank Sagnier and Rashid Varachia from their respective positions as CEO and CFO of Codemasters.

If Frank Sagnier and Rashid Varachia had planned to leave Codemasters for several months, the rapid integration of the British group into the American publisher Electronic Arts advanced plans. Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios will soon join EA Sports, which is headed by Cam Weber. Slightly Mad Studios will continue to be led by Ian Bell, while Clive Moody, VP of Product Development, and Jonathan Bunney, VP of Publishing, will lead Codemasters going forward.

Since joining in 2014, Frank Sagnier has led Codemasters to a position of expert racing studio. automobile world-renowned, and allowed their world-class talents and passion for motorsports to shine and excel on a global stage“EA said in a press release. “Rashid Varachia’s financial leadership has also been integral to Codemasters ‘success, his contributions include driving key acquisitions, back listing in 2018, and leading Codemasters’ due diligence and integration into EA. We are incredibly grateful to Frank and Rashid for all they have done for Codemasters and Electronic Arts, and we wish them all the best. We know that the culture they created and their innovative spirit will endure very much within the studio thanks to their exceptional management team.

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