Fraud allegations over 240 million euros

A total of five people were provisionally arrested by the Brazilian police. (Symbolic image: Shutterstock)

In the course of the “Operação Daemon”, the Brazilian police arrested the president of the Grupo Bitcoin Banco (GBB) – he is said to have embezzled around 1.5 billion reals.

Bankruptcy crimes, embezzlement, money laundering, organized crime and crimes against the national economy and the national financial system – the List of allegations against the organization around Claudio Oliveira is long. The Brazilian authorities had investigated the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin King” and his team for three years, now Oliveira and four have become his Confidants provisionally arrested.

Around 7,000 people affected – possibly also in Europe

About 7000 investors are affected by the frauds of the Grupo Bitcoin Banco, according to the press release on the major action, in which about 90 emergency services were involved. In addition to the arrests, a total of 22 search and seizure warrants were issued. According to the investigation, in addition to Brazilian investors, customers in the USA and possibly in Europe are also affected.

Organization was noticed a few years ago

As early as 2019, the local police first became aware of the company due to increasing complaints and disagreements. In the same year, the GBB applied for a settlement procedure in order not to slip into bankruptcy after a loss of 7,000 Bitcoins – and a little later, contrary to the judicial requirements of the settlement procedure, continued to recruit new members. The contracts that were offered in the course of this ran without registration with the brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) – the company went to court and large-scale investigations began under the name Operação Daemon.

It is hoped that the arrests and searches that have now been carried out will provide further information about who has been involved in the criminal machinations of the last few years, according to the police statement – and that assets will be secured in order to enable the victims of fraud to at least partially make reparation.

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