Free app Mapstr: The Twitter for places

Mapstr is a favorite places app: a French startup’s navigation app offers the ability to bookmark interesting places around the world, from parks and museums to restaurants, bars, clubs and cinemas.

On the Mapstr map you can not only see your current location, but you can also easily mark places and provide them with a description and a picture. With the integrated search, a list and a filter by categories, it is easy to find saved places.

Google Maps also has an integrated bookmark function with which you can save locations in your personal Google account. But Mapstr was specially developed for this purpose and offers extended functions.

App contains social element

The navigation app Mapstr is an alternative to Google Maps. You can use it to mark, label and share your favorite places with friends on a personal map.

Photo: Catherine Waibel / dpa-tmn

Everything in the app revolves around organization: if you save a location, you can tag it with tags such as “Park”, “Bar” or “Museum”. And even add your own comments – this can be useful as it reminds you why you saved a certain location.

Despite the wide range of functions, Mapstr is not overloaded. In addition, the app does not try to be a social network, even though it contains a social element: you can share your favorite places with family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. If you don’t want that, you can keep it private and only use it for yourself.

Mapstr stands for iOS and Android free to download. In the free version, some functions are limited, for everything else you need the full version, which can be activated by in-app purchase.

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