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The metamorphosis of Twitter is in progress, continues amidst the jolts at the top of the organization chart and the arrival of new features. The social network has started the testing phase for a baptized feature Notes and that, if introduced on a large scale, would contribute to definitively cutting the bridges with the origins of the platform devoted to the most extreme minimalism. In short, the idea is to allow content to be published long form.

Once upon a time there were 140 characters, Twitter Notes arrives

To tell the truth, this is not a completely new novelty. We have already written about it these pages in February, as soon as the first rumors about it leaked out. At the time, the feature was labeled as Articles. Now, however, according to what was reported by the editorial staff of TechCrunch, the time is almost ripe for a distribution to the entire community. At the moment, the necessary experimentation is underway to collect the useful feedbacks to make the latest improvements before the launch, expected within the next few weeks.

There have been no confirmations (or denials) from Twitter. The screenshots attached below, shared already last month, allow us to take an early look at what theeditor for the composition of long forms. There will be tools for formatting text and the ability to include multimedia elements. All that remains is to wait for an official announcement to find out more.

The leaders of the social network are still struggling with the hesitations of Elon Musk. After making a $ 44 billion proposal to close the acquisition, the richest man in the world threatened to stop the deal.

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