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In a historical moment in which video communication has taken over, not having basic skills on a software such as After Effect it can be a problem. Whether you want to become true Motion Graphics professionals, or if you need small animations with which to enrich your personal production, you need to have the essential knowledge bases to be able to put your hand to a timeline and know how to carry out those techniques that allow to enrich a video in times compatible with the objectives set.

After Effect, guida all’uso

It does not necessarily take months of exercises, at least not to become immediately productive waiting to be able to express your creativity to the fullest through practice. An award-winning Udemy course signed by Leonardo Ezequiel Olivito allows you to start from scratch and achieve your first results in 5 steps:

    Let’s tackle the basics of using software, panels and workflow right away. We work with elements imported from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator animating them to the beat of the music;
  • UNIT 2: 3D SPACE
    Here we discover the 3D space using tools that allow us to create scenes of high visual impact. Furthermore, starting from Adobe Photoshop we will animate a photograph for our social channels;
    Many elements can be created directly in our compositions with tools that save us a lot of time. With shape layers we could give life to texts and shapes with super intuitive tools;
    Here we work with the most requested tools for the VFX sector: rotoscoping, track motion, green screen. We will also see how to stabilize video scenes and how to add camera movements in post-production;
    Plug-In and Script that will allow us to automate some animations and take our animated scenes to a higher level, in this unit we discover which are the most used in the professional field.

Videomakers, designers, photographers, youtubers or simple enthusiasts who intend to test themselves: the course, from promotional cost of only 14.99 euros, allows you to be productive after sun 7 hours of on-demand video.

This course is suitable both for those who work in the sector and want to learn a new operating language and for those who want to discover animated graphics for the first time in detail. We will start from the basics to discover functions such as the 3D camera tracker, the shape layer, green screen techniques and much more.

73 downloadable lessons, practical exercises on the software and very high reviews for the quality of the course are the elements that open the door to the world of After Effect: immediate effectiveness, “without” special effects.

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