From Microsoft, 13.6 million to bug hunters in one year

With an infrastructure cloud on which businesses from around the world and beyond rest 1.3 billion devices based on Windows 10 (without forgetting that the debut of Windows 11 approaches at a brisk pace), safety is and remains a top priority in Redmond, despite that some missteps which Microsoft tries from time to time to remedy as quickly as possible. It does so thanks to the support of the community, recognizing important sums to those who report bugs. How much is a bug worth? One year of Microsoft Bounty Program Today, the company’s Security Response Center published the new report on Bounty Programs, which states that over the last year (more precisely from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021) 13 have been paid , 6 million dollars for this purpose. In total, 341 researchers have benefited from it, coming from 58 different countries globally, with a total of 1,261 reports. On one occasion it came up with a single check with a pretty good value of $ 200,000.The money recognized by Microsoft has those who have reported bugs in the last yearStaying on the subject of safety, today a ‘indiscretion who would like Microsoft ready to reach out to RiskIQ, a company based in San Francisco specialized in providing companies of all sizes with a useful solution to detect any vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructures, so as to intervene if and where necessary, avoiding having to then do deal with the consequences of an attack or violation. A move quantified economically in half a billion dollars. The announcement of the successful acquisition should arrive shortly.

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