Future Samsung smartphones could benefit from this cooling technology

Future Samsung smartphones could once again benefit from a vapor chamber cooling system.

Our smartphones are ever more powerful electronic devices, and more and more are demanded of them. In fact, it is not surprising to see the appearance on the market of devices equipped with cooling systems worthy of our computers. Future references Samsung could use this technology very special.

The vapor chamber back in Samsung smartphones?

Even though our smartphones don’t really need fans to stay at a relatively low temperature, that doesn’t mean that they don’t generate heat – we can easily see this on a daily basis – or that they won’t gain. not to have an additional cooling system. And this is something that the South Korean giant could integrate into future smartphones, or rather, that it could reintegrate, according to a report from DigiTimes.

That’s what DigiTimes thinks it knows

The report in question claims that Samsung is looking to reimplement vapor chamber cooling technology. For those who don’t know, Samsung was already using this technology in smartphones like the Galaxy S10 +. The South Korean giant had also integrated it into certain configurations of its Galaxy S20 and Note 20 but it had not been included in the Galaxy S21 models.

The operation of this technology is quite simple. In a sealed volume is a small amount of liquid that turns into a gas when heated and condenses when cooled. This cooling process is faster than that of conventional heat pipes but it is unclear why Samsung has not opted for this system in its Galaxy S21.

That being said, the report that interests us today claims that the South Korean giant would seek to integrate it again. We could see it back in the 2022 models. To be fair, the Galaxy S21 doesn’t seem to be suffering from overheating. Removing it apparently did not cause any major concerns. However, reintegrating this technology could be highly appreciated by users who are used to pushing their devices to their limits.

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