Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin parla dello spin-off su Jon Snow

The news of a new spin-off of Game of Throneswhich arrived in recent days, has rekindled the curiosity – as well as some fear – of the fans, especially that of Jon Snow. The new sequel series, in fact, will focus on the character played by Kit Harington and it seems that the actor had a decisive role in the start of the project. To confirm it is the same George R.R. Martinauthor of the saga of A Song of Ice and Fire and involved in all the serial titles drawn from it. In one of the most recent posts on his blogthe writer has revealed that the working title of this new production will be – not with excessive imagination, it must be admitted – Snow.

Plus the new series had been conceived a long time ago: “There are four live-action series in development at Hbo: Ten Thousand Ships on Nymeria, led by Amanda Segel; Sea Snake o Nine Voyages con Bruno Heller; and lo show su Dunk & EggThe Hedge Knight o Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, with Steve Conrad as the author“, Delivers Martin, then revealing:” Snow it has been in development for practically the same time as the other three, but for who knows what reason it had never been announced or news of it had never been released … so far”.

The novelist claims to have always kept his mouth shut on this project, and indeed official confirmations from Hbo are still missing, but it was others who evidently spoke. Between the lines Martin makes it clear that it was Harington’s initiative to return to a show about the former heir to the Iron Throne: “It appears that in a recent interview Emilia Clarke [l’attrice di Daenerys, ndr] has already mentioned that Snow it was Kit’s idea. So that can be saidHe continued.Yes, it was an idea that comes to us from Kit Harington. I can’t tell you the names of the writers or showrunners but Kit has brought them on board too, he has his own team and they are fantastic“. Obviously after Martin’s approval: “Kit’s team visited me in Santa Fe and worked with me and my team to develop the series”.

The writer therefore seems enthusiastic about this new adventure but also wants to keep your feet on the groundexplaining what the actual situation is these spin-offs from Game of Thrones: all four series are in the so-called script stage, so there are already scripts, complete with second or third approved versions, but the final decision to start putting them into production is still missing. “Nothing has been given the green light so far, and there is no guarantee of when or if it will receive it … and this applies to any of these series.“, He specifies:”The likelihood of all four series making it to the screen … well, I’d love it, but television doesn’t usually work that way.“. Obviously the binomial Kit Harington-Jon Snow it might give this latest series a better chance of actually seeing the light but, as with everything in Westeros, only fate will have the last word.

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