German developer gets website running on calculator

Casio calculator with web server interface. (Photo: Tobias Mädel)

A software developer from Germany turned a simple Casio graphing calculator into a web server and hosted a website on it. You can also chat with the calculator.

Pocket calculators like the Casio FX-9750G II are sure to be familiar to many from school or university. It can be used to solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions, calculate interest or display diagrams and functions. Thanks to the 61 kilobyte program memory, the comparatively powerful Super-H-SH4a-CPU and the integrated 2.5-millimeter serial interface with three pins for data exchange, a lot more things can be done with it, like the German software developer and now Hobbyist Tobias Mädel shows.

Pocket calculator becomes a web server

The girl has the Casio calculator turned into a web server, hosted a simple website on top and even had a working IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client to chat developed. In a YouTube video, girl shows how he chats on a calculator, using the number keys to type. Interested parties can view the website here.

To connect the calculator to the Internet, Mädel uses the so-called SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) encapsulation, which works similarly to PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol). He also wrote a program called fxIP that enables a TCP / IP stack. Girl has an example configuration for the network adapter on GitHub provided. Another YouTube video shows how the hobbyist connects the calculator to a modem.

Pocket calculator needs memory and processor

The whole thing should work, according to Mädel, with graphics computers of the Casio 9860G model. It is important that the pocket calculators have the above-mentioned processor and more than 32 kilobytes of memory. Then you could develop further applications. Older models are currently not supported. Further handicraft projects of the developer can be found on Girls homepage look at.

Almost finished!

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