Get a really cheap 2 TB SSD: Sandisk Ultra at a great price

The Sandisk Plus 2 TByte at a glance

The SanDisk Ultra 3D with 2 TByte offers a lot of space for a wide variety of files and programs. In the test, the SSD can score with a good read performance (grade 1.7) and a barely good write performance (grade 2.4). All in all, these are not top values, but the SSD is still fast enough for all everyday applications – and even with most games you won’t notice any difference to the fast M.2 SSDs in practice. If you want, you can also simply use the SSD as data storage.

The test data at a glance:

The transfer rate when reading is 547 MByte / s, the transfer rate when writing is 484 MByte / s. The access times are 0.08 ms (read) and 0.18 ms (write). 3D-TLC is used as flash memory, the controller is a Marvell 88SS1074 with 4 channels. The guarantee is 5 years.

Our assessment:

If you are looking for data storage to replace your old hard drive, for example, or if you just need as much fast space as possible, you won’t go wrong with this SandDisk SSD. You actually only need more power if you have a sophisticated gaming or workstation PC and are looking for maximum performance.

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The Sanddisk SSD in the price check

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