Gettr, the new pro-Trump social network, was immediately hacked

Several profiles of prominent Republican personalities were hacked and changed on the launch day of the platform, which already has several problems

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Gettr, the new right-wing social media created by former Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller, has recently been online but has already been hacked Sunday, the day of its official launch.

The first to be targeted were the verified profiles of various personalities from the Republican and Trumpian world, such as Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Harlan Hill and Miller himself. The hacker hacked and changed all profiles of affected users by adding the same message: “@JubaBaghdad was here 🙂 ^^ free palestine ^^”.

Twitter user @JubaBaghdad told Insider that it was easy to hack the pages and that he did “just for fun”. Gettr Miller’s CEO said in an e-mailed note to The Verge that the problem was detected and solved in a few minutes and that “all the intruder was able to do was change some usernames “, minimizing the security breach of the platform. Miller also added that Gettr has already recorded “More than half a million users”.

The social network plans to host three-minute videos, posts by 777 characters and live streaming, in an attempt to emulate Twitter. The slogan with which Gettr appears on the application stores is Marketplace of Ideas (“market of ideas“) And describes itself as a platform”founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and the rejection of political censorship and ‘cancel culture “.

The app was already active from 2 July, while on Sunday 4 the launch was formalized, but the problems had already begun. Saturday the platform began to be filled of pornographic images and videos, some hentai-themed, as well as conspiratorial content, and related to The law, raising more than a doubt about Gettr’s ability – and willingness – to moderate what is shared on the app.

After being banned from Facebook and Twitter in January following the uprising of his supporters on Capitol Hill, Trump said he planned to launch its own platform social. The blog has been online since May and for a month From the Desk of Donald J. Trump on its website, but it was shut down and quickly archived. Miller claimed this site was not meant to be Trump’s chat social media platform.

Miller told the Friday Wall Street Journal that Trump was not yet present on his new platform. Getter is not the only social network to contend for the presence of the former American president. The Donald joined the Rumble video platform a few days ago, angering executives at Gab, another app populated by extremists right-wing and probably thought she had snatched up Trump’s new profile.

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