GETTR, the pro-Trump social network, washed up on day one

In recent days, Jason Miller, Donald Trump’s senior consultant, brought the new GETTR project online: in fact a social network characterized by an interface similar to that of Twitter and by an organization of trending topic content. Over 500,000 accounts were registered within a short time. A flying start, if it were not for the violation suffered right in the hours of the debut. GETTR goes online and immediately slips Those who carried out the attack managed to reach out to some thick profiles, including that of former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, on which the author of the action Juba Baghdad left his signature: JubaBaghdad was here, follow me in twitter 🙂. This is Miller’s statement regarding the security incident and its consequences, entrusted to the editorial staff of Reuters. The problem was identified and solved in a few minutes, the managers were able to change only a few usernames.The interface of the GETTR social networkSteve Bannon has defined GETTR as the Twitter killer, with a not too veiled reference to ban imposed by the Jack Dorsey platform on the former US President. After i Capitol Hill facts, for Donald Trump theexclusion from Facebook and yes YouTubeOfficially, the tycoon is not financing the project, but many believe it was put in place following the failure of its first post-White House social initiative (in fact a simple blog integrated into the official website) and with a more forward-looking perspective in view of the run-up to the 2024 elections.

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