Gettr, Trump’s new social network, has serious privacy concerns

Hackers hacked the platform’s API by extracting 85,000 emails, as well as users’ names and dates of birth

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Gettr it got off to a bad start. The new social network created by a former aide of Donald Trump, Jason Miller, to give another point of reference to the Trumpian galaxy and the alt-right, has turned out to be a disaster regarding the privacy of its users. And that’s not the only problem.

Hackers have taken over 85,000 email addresses of Gettr users thanks to its API, writes TechCrunch. According to Alon Gal, co-founder of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, this data breach also included usernames, first names and birth dates. Last week, TechCrunch’s Zack Whittaker had expected the vulnerability of the Gettr API.

The app was released on the App Store and Google Play last month, but the social was officially announced on July 4th. A week ago, they had been compromised numerous account Gettr verificati, including that of Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Steve Bannon and Miller, raising further concerns about the security of the app. A hacker had, according to him, easily introduced himself into the profiles of various republican personalities, changing their bio and icon.

The app design is identical to that of Twitter and it appears he used Jack Dorsey’s company API to copy some users’ follower counts and profiles. Gettr encourages new users to use their Twitter account in registration, stating that in some cases it will allow copying of tweets.

The company offers itself as an alternative for anyone who believes that traditional social networks are hostile to far-right ideas. Gettr’s website invites new users with familiar Trump messages: “Not to be deleted. Flex your first amendment. Celebrate freedom “. Getter on the app stores is described as a platform “founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and the rejection of political censorship and cancel culture ”.

Jason Miller himself published a post that read “Hydroxychloroquine works. And no one will remove this post or suspend this account! #GETTR. ”, Referring to the almost absolute lack of moderation of the contents on the platform. As soon as the social network is online it has in fact already begun to be filledor pornographic images and videos, some hentai themed, as well as conspiratorial content, and related to The law.

According to estimates by Sensor Tower, Gettr has accumulated approx 1.3 million installations globally since June, with Brazil following the US as the app’s second largest market. These users may want full freedom on the app, but the price to pay may be their privacy.

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