Ghana will lead the way

The project announced in early June by the central bank governor of Ghana, aimed at creating a cedi digital, continues at a brisk pace. Go ahead like this, the country will be the first on the African continent to have one CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

Central Bank Digital Currency: Ghana sets the next steps

One will start by September test phase which will involve a limited number of citizens. Then, on the basis of the feedback collected, subsequent developments will be established. This was announced by a representative of local authorities, speaking at a conference organized by Journalists for Business Advocacy.

Digital currency will be part of the central bank, which recognizes the need for digital payments and digital forms for financial services. We are formally entering this area so that we can provide a platform on which we can add value to digital transactions.

The collaboration with EMTech, a company involved in February by the Ghanaian central bank with the aim of implementing initiatives related to blockchain, Fintech and financial inclusion.

There are now many countries that have expressed their willingness to introduce one Central Bank Digital Currency, albeit in different ways: among others also France, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Sweden, China, Japan e Jamaica.

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