Good window vacs from 40 euros: These are the best models

Window vacuum in the test

The motivation to clean is not the same in all areas of the living room – window cleaning in particular is often annoying and time-consuming and therefore one of the most unpopular disciplines for many.

If you want to avoid the fact that window cleaning is too much of a nuisance in the future that leaves streaks behind even after thorough cleaning, buying a window vacuum may be a good idea for you.

Stiftung Warentest has tested a total of eleven of the currently best window cleaning devices to make your purchase decision a little easier. It shows that there are sometimes blatant differences in terms of price, workmanship and the dirty water tank. So much can be revealed: More expensive does not automatically mean better, even with window vacs.

In our detailed test report, we not only provide you with extensive purchase advice – below we also explain how Stiftung Warentest gets your test results and how much money you should ultimately spend on a good window vacuum. Under this text, spontaneous people will also find four recommendations from Stiftung Warentest including links to the cheapest shop for the devices in a short table.

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