Google Calendar allows you to specify your physical or virtual presence at an event

Google Calendar welcomes a novelty in its invitations, it is now possible to specify a physical or remote presence.

The past few months have been very complicated on many levels because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting health crisis. Professional relations, in particular, have been delicate. The virtual has taken a big place, services have had to adapt, new applications have emerged. Google Agenda is now adapting its service to take charge of this virtual presence.

Google Calendar welcomes a novelty in its invitations

With the pandemic, many of us have been, or still are, forced to work or study from home. This means that meetings that used to be held in person are now virtual. As the proportion of people vaccinated continues to increase, we can see a certain return to normal. However, some companies favor a hybrid work environment.

It is now possible to specify a physical or remote presence

If you work in such a structure, you might be interested to learn that Google has just made some minor changes to its Google Calendar invitations. Users can now specify whether they are participating in a meeting in person, face-to-face, or virtual, remotely. According to the statement from Google, “The organizer as well as the invitees will then be able to know how the participants intend to join the meeting in the details of the event. In particular, this will allow us to know how many participants there will be to prepare accordingly. ”

This is a very interesting change and yet very minor. Given the current situation, this could prove to be very practical. Knowing which participants will be there in person and which others will be there remotely will undoubtedly help organizers to better prepare for meetings, by opting for a larger or smaller meeting room, by printing the correct number of files, etc.

Also according to the press release from Google, this novelty should be deployed from today. It will be available to all Workspace users in the coming weeks.

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