Google Calendar now shows you how much time you spend on meetings and calls

The Time Insights feature collects calendar data to show how much time you spend at work between video calls and other activities

Smart working (Kyle Hanson/Unsplash)

With what smart working do you feel you work more than in the office? It happens to many and it is often true. Because of this Google now wants to help its users a keep track of how they use their time, between meetings and collaborators, relying on the Calendar data.

The tool that allows you to understand how we spend our working days is called Time Insight, can be used by both the administrator of a calendar and the user, and is available for one computer only. “With the changes to our work environments over the past year, some people have more meetings and may feel less control over how their work time is spent” writes Google Workspace in a blog post. Time Insights can show this data “And help you plan your time better.

Time Insights comes a couple of years after Google and Apple they added similar analyzes on Android and iOS to show the amount of time spent using the different apps. But while these features included the ability to set time limits per app, Google Calendar won’t allow you to set similar limits on meetings, but only – hopefully – better organize your time.

The Time Insights function
The Time Insights function. Image: via Google Workspace

This new feature shows the breakdown of time in base al your working hours and the type of meetings scheduled. Highlight the days and days time frames in which we are most busy as well as the frequencies of the meetings. Time Insights also shows us who we spend the most time with. Google Calendar points out that this information is visible only to us, but not to our boss, so as to evaluate the use of time against priorities.

Administrators will be able to disable the pre-set feature at the domain level. This is not possible for a normal user but it can simply close the right bar at any time not to see his stats.

The release of Time Insights it will be gradual starting from 30 August for directors and from 6 or 20 September for users, depending on the type of domain. The feature will only be available to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofit customers.

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