Google cuts the price of Google Wifi and outclasses the Amazon Eero Pro

From today Google Wifi costs less. This is not a temporary discount or a flash offer imagined as a marketing tool, but rather a definitive cut that lowers the entry threshold to the Google system for the management of reti mesh. Google Wifi, here’s the discount The formal motivation is related to the increased need for mesh networks in homes, to obtain more stable and complete coverage: In recent times our homes have become more lively than ever: we work, we follow lessons and distance learning , we entertain ourselves with films and video games, we even exercise in the living room. But we have also become much more demanding in terms of Wi-Fi network, which, when it does not work, is a source of incredible frustration. The real reasons instead seem to be linked mostly to increased competition from Amazon, whose costs on competing production eero continue to go down and in these hours they are already facing too the long slide on Prime Day.Google WifiThese are the prices in comparison: The difference on the bundle is therefore important, especially in the logic of a network that should be born precisely to extend coverage and that in the bundle finds its most complete expression. new competitive pressure on the product and thus reducing once more the cost of access to private mesh networks, Google entrusts the manager Pushkar Sharma with the burden of drawing up a list of fundamental tips for configuring the home network: make sure that the router is updated always protect the network with a password create a separate wifi network for guests allocate bandwidth according to where you need it This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders placed through these links will allow our site to receive a commission.

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