Google goes to court in September for 2018 fine

Sundar CEO Pichai had announced appeal immediately after the announcement of the fine of 4.34 billion euros imposed by the European Commission three years ago. According to Reuters sources, Google will start his legal battle against the decision at the end of September, when the hearings in the court of the European Union will begin.

Google vs EU: five-day clash

The story is now known to everyone, especially Android users who have seen the famous “choice screen“. The European Commission sanctioned Google in July 2018 for abuse of dominant position in the operating systems and research market. The Mountain View company has required manufacturers to pre-install Google Search e Chrome, preventing users from choosing alternative services and apps.

In addition to paying the fine of 4.34 billion euros, Google also had to implement a screen that allows you to choose other browsers and search engines. This happened the following year, but the competitors have criticized the mode used (auction) to select the providers to view. As of September 1, the list will be updated based on the market share (StatCounter data).

Google had immediately criticized the decision of the European Commission, saying that with the arrival of Android there are more choices for users. The lawyers of the Californian company are therefore preparing for the legal battle that should begin on September 27. The judge will listen to the parties during the hearings that will take place over five days. There are currently no dates set by the court.

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