GPS tracker at Aldi: Anti-theft device for cars or luggage

The GPS tracker from the manufacturer Copenhagen is a small box weighing 88 grams that can be placed inconspicuously and also hidden. Thanks to the IP67 protection class, failures due to water damage or penetrating dust are more likely to be exceptional cases. Unfortunately, the permanently installed lithium thionychloride battery cannot be replaced, but if you limit the position reports to once a day or even just once a week, the manufacturer promises a service life of four to even ten years. In the event of an operation, however, you will use up the entire battery power in a very short time and will have to get a new tracker. The old one can then no longer be used. Also, the product description completely ignores whether the tracker has any form of anti-interference protection or GPS spoofing that tech-savvy thieves have come to employ.

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