Guide: how to create marketing campaigns for the sales team

A complete guide with methods and tools to help you launch marketing campaigns serving the sales team.

All the best practices for launching successful marketing campaigns.

For successful marketing campaigns, it is important to eliminate silos within the company. This requires in particular a fluid collaboration between the marketing team and the sales team. Indeed, when they are aligned, these two teams more easily reach the key performance indicators of the campaigns: increase in natural traffic, lead conversions, etc.

HubSpot and Asana have created a guide to help you create marketing campaigns that serve the sales team. You will find all the best practices to adopt during your planning, campaign execution and reporting process.

The main challenges for marketing and sales teams

On the marketing side, methods have evolved a lot in recent years, and teams have more than ever access to a multitude of channels, content and tools. But the glut of marketing technology also puts more pressure on marketers. They must master each area of ​​activity and the multiple associated channels in order to succeed in their campaigns and significantly improve business results.

On the sales side, sales teams have every interest in having efficient processes and working effectively with the marketing department, but this is not always the case. According to a LinkedIn study: “9 out of 10 sales and marketing professionals report a lack of alignment of strategies, processes, content and culture of the two teams.”

Questions to ask yourself to align teams

HubSpot, as an inbound marketing expert, shares tips in their guide to help you align marketing and sales teams during the campaign planning phase. To maximize the campaign’s chances of success, teams should jointly answer the following questions:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How to attract quality leads?
  • How to qualify leads?
  • What is the campaign objective and how do you measure its success?
  • Are the right resources being mobilized?

Best practices and tools to launch your campaign

To succeed in your campaigns and ensure the alignment of your teams, it is important to facilitate access to information about your campaigns through internal channels, to set up a fluid workflow for marketing and sales, and to adopt the good CRM tools to accurately segment and assess leads.

Among the good practices presented and explained in the guide:

  • Create and use personalized forms,
  • Design truly optimized landing pages,
  • Successful multi-channel promotion: emails, blogs, social networks …
  • Manage contacts efficiently via a centralized system …

Creating effective reports

To produce meaningful reports, you must:

  • Identify the recipient of the report: it is important to target the audience to adapt the report according to the recipients. An interesting report for a marketing manager will not necessarily be interesting for a company CEO.
  • Define the purpose of the report: the report must enable the recipient to draw specific and actionable lessons for his future activities.
  • Provide proof of the marketing contribution: Campaign reports should show how successful the marketing materials were in generating leads and conversions. The objective: to draw up an overall assessment of the success or failure of the campaign in order to improve the next ones.

If you want more tips for designing effective reports, just click on the link below.

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