Haier, how connected appliances work

hOn is a single app able to offer the user the control of all the appliances and to meet him during the shopping or in the preparation of food

Use technology, especially theInternet of things (Iot), to simplify the use of household appliances by the user and improve his experience as well as connecting the various devices in the house to each other in an ecosystem just a click away are two trends that Haier has been riding for some time. L’app hOn plays a central role. The application is able to interact with all appliances, perform any updates and predictive maintenance, as well as exploit artificial intelligence, for example, to make the user understand how to best store food in the refrigerator. Haier 3D 70 Series 7 (€ 1,199) was designed to take advantage of all these possibilities and customize use through remote control, all with the same app with which the end of the washing machine is notified or from which it is possible to manage the purifier. air.

The refrigerator also stands out thanks to the drawer Humidity Zone, a space that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh twice as long as traditional devices without altering the nutritional value of the food. The credit is due to the HCS technology, a plant fiber membrane that maintains humidity levels in the compartment at 90%. With drawer MyZone instead the user has the ability to customize the temperature with a click in relation to the foods to be stored, while Direct Access it boasts ergonomics designed to prevent cold air from escaping once opened.

The Haier 3D 70 Series 7 refrigerator designed to take full advantage of all the benefits of app connectivity and artificial intelligence.

To these we add Air Surround, through the side outlets placed on the column inside the refrigerator, the technology allows a homogeneous distribution of the flow of cold air intended to maintain the taste, consistency and freshness of the food.

The app goes further with more new and perhaps a little invasive functions, through she the refrigerator is able to understand when the owner is in a shop or supermarket and consequently optimize the temperature and then bring it back to normal values ​​once the food has been placed in the compartment, all while minimizing consumption and heat loss. With function Assisted Recipes the device also becomes a personal kitchen assistant, suggesting, based on availability, what to prepare and how.

Even before the refrigerator it had been the connected oven the first element of the Haier IoT ecosystem to come to life. The ovens of the 4 series built-in boast the PreciTaste function. Thanks to special sensors and an integrated video camera, the Series 4 oven can recognize the foods placed in the pan and automatically select the most suitable cooking program. The management takes place via the hOn app with a notification on the smartphone when cooking is finished. A Bluetooth probe is included for both ovens and induction hobs for exact detection of the food temperature.

Lovers of friends they can instead take advantage of the hOn functions dedicated to virtual cellar. Thanks to the partnership with Vivino, the famous online store, through the app it is possible to scan the label. Once the bottle has been recognized, the system inserts it in the virtual inventory, suggests culinary combinations and prepares the temperature to best accommodate that specific wine, as well as optimizing conservation.

Not just food and wine, however, combined with the model washing machine Quick (starting from 349 euros) hOn through a photo of the laundry basket is able to suggest the most suitable cleaning cycle in terms of speed and efficiency, thanks to the recognition of garments and colors. Clean air fanatics, in times of increasingly numerous global pandemics, will be pleased to know that the same app can be used to manage the full range of purifiers H-Purifier that we had reviewed here.

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