Health and IT security in Italy

Cyber ​​security within the healthcare sector in Italy is seriously endangered by what is defined as clearly insufficient preparation both in terms of technologies and professional skills. This is what emerges from the Healthcare Cybersecurity survey conducted by Bitdefender in May involving the IT managers of public (85% of the sample) and private (15%) structures, illustrated at the Healthcare Security Summit 2021 event. cybersecurity in the healthcare world The numbers that emerge from the study leave little room for interpretation: 93% of companies belonging to the sector have suffered attacks in the past and 64% believe that a new malicious action is probable or highly probable. The problem exists, the perception of danger too, it is necessary to work to deal with it. Anyone who thinks that the consequences of a violation can be exclusively economic or administrative must think again. The ransomware that recently brought it to its knees proved this hospitals of Ireland and I’m cost the life of a woman in Germany. This is the comment of Denis Valter Cassinerio, Bitdefender Regional Sales Director Southern Europe. Patient care, information security and diagnostic and intervention devices make the healthcare sector a vast and complex ecosystem like few other areas. Furthermore, the sector is heavily targeted by cybercrime. In April 2021 alone, Bitdefender telemetry detected around 7,000 attacks in Italy. According to Bitdefender, it is necessary that the realities active in the health sector guarantee six factors: protection, detection, response, skills, budget, and organization, culture and leadership. This is the only way to build a solid wall and protect yourself from cybersecurity threats. Cassinerio continues: All six factors need to improve to reach acceptable levels of cyber security in the healthcare sector. It is difficult to instantly improve on all fronts; that’s why most healthcare organizations are trying to outsource some of their cybersecurity operations as 79% of respondents point out. This is the future trend that clearly emerges from the survey results. Furthermore, IT security is a very complicated area that requires specialized personnel to fill the skill gap affecting the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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