Here’s how iPhone thieves in Brazil gain access to victims’ bank accounts

We now know how iPhone thieves in Brazil access the bank accounts of their victims. And the technique is surprisingly simple. Explanation.

In June, we reported that the iPhone had returned a prime target for thieves in Brazil. This is for one reason only. The smartphones of the Apple brand were not stolen to be resold but to serve as a point of entry into bank accounts of victims. This potentially made it possible to recover much more money than the resale of the device.

The technique of iPhone thieves in Brazil discovered

That being said, authorities have until now wondered how thieves go about gaining access to bank accounts. According to a report by Folha de S. Paulo, we may have the answer. Indeed, according to the police, one of the gangs involved who was arrested would have shared the technique in question, even claiming that it works on devices ranging from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 11.

We know how they access the bank accounts of the victims

The idea is as follows: the thief removes the SIM card from the iPhone and place it in another phone. He then searches on the social networks to get the email address of the person who owns the phone and that person most often uses the same email address as for Apple ID, the thief can then reset the password for the Apple ID account via a number. phone.

With this new password, the thief can access iCloud Keychain to view the passwords stored on the device. Some users even go so far as to store passwords in the Notes application. It is ultimately a very simple process that uses features already in place, unlike other techniques of piracy very advanced that would involve hardware, code and the like.

That being said, following the Brazilian newspaper’s first report, Apple said it would simplify the process of reporting a stolen iPhone.

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