Hidden Windows 10 features: Tool shows them

Windows 10 can do more than meets the eye. But many functions are difficult to track down or you have to venture into the registry. A small free tool aims to make hidden Windows 10 features easier to access. In the video we show you additional Windows tools that not only look good, but are also practical.

An operating system like Windows 10 is a very complex piece of software. The trick is to hide this complexity as much as possible and to give users the functions they need most often, thus making it as easy as possible to work with the PC.

However, if you want to set your Windows individually, the corresponding Windows functions may not be so easy to access. The free tool Hidden Windows 10 Features wants to remedy the situation and make hidden Windows functions more easily accessible.

Download: Hidden Windows 10 Features

Around 50 hidden functions in six categories

The functions are divided into five categories.
The functions are divided into five categories.


The Tool Hidden Windows 10 Features currently bundles around 50 hidden functions. The structure of the tool is very simple: the features are listed and users activate them using checkboxes. So that the whole thing remains clear, the tool divides its functions into the six categories This PC, Taskbar, Context menu, System, Security and Privacy.

Unfortunately the software is only available in English so far. What is practical, however, is that a preview button is added behind almost every function. This shows a preview and thus what is meant by the respective setting.

Simple operation, others can do more

Practically, there is a preview instead of excessive text explanations.
Practically, there is a preview instead of excessive text explanations.


The operation of Hidden Windows 10 Features is simple: tick the desired function and click on “Apply”. You can also switch on several points in one go and then activate them. A system restore point cannot be created using the tool, however, and short explanations or more meaningful brief descriptions of the individual points are missing. An import-export function for the settings made is practical. These can be reached via the gear wheel at the bottom left.

The tweaks are very well chosen, for example to expand the context menu, create a Godmode folder or deactivate Cortana. But other tweakers can do a lot more, for example Winaero Tweaker or Ultimate Windows Tweaker offer significantly more options. But that can quickly become confusing again.

Download: Hidden Windows 10 Features

Joerg Geiger

Little tuning helper

Hidden Windows 10 Features is free for private use. The around 50 hidden Windows functions are well chosen, even if the scope could be expanded a bit. A system restore is missing, and a German language version and a few explanatory texts would be a sensible thing. The function of explaining the functions via a preview image is interesting.

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