his childhood was in Silicon Valley

He was both the founder and savior of Apple, a gifted salesman and not always very pleasant fellow: In any case, Steve Jobs fascinated people. On the 10th anniversary of his death, t3n shows stations in his life.

On the Apple-Founder Steve Jobs there are many stories. He’s supposed to be for a while, back then when he was at a computer game company Atari worked, only ate fruit and refrained from showering. The diet should prevent body odor, which according to colleagues at the time was not the case and brought Jobs to the night shift.

It is one of the narratives known to make Steve Jobs tangible to the people. He who once left his co-founded company and finally brought it back to new fame. That was in the 90s. Apple was looking for a new operating system for its computers, and the company was in dire financial straits.

During this phase Jobs came back with the software of his new company Next. He founded it in 1985 after leaving Apple due to a dispute with the then Apple president. His Next team included Apple confidants who had left the company with Jobs.

Nextstep, the company’s software, along with Apple content, became the new Mac operating system, while Jobs first became the interim and then the official company boss of his newly founded company, giving it a new shine. With innovations such as the iPhone and the iPad, he set new standards and suddenly seemed to make something that had never been thought possible before.

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Childhood experiences in Silicon Valley

It should have shown in his childhood how smart the boy is. Born on the 24. Februar 1955 in San Francisco, California, he was given up for adoption by his birth parents. Paul and Clara Jobs took care of the infant and raised it in Mountain View, California, in the Silicon Valley area. During his school days he met Steven Wozniak and shared his enthusiasm for technology with him.

Together with his schoolmate Wozniak, Jobs founded the later world-famous company in his parents’ garage in 1976. With the Apple I, they brought the first personal computer onto the market. It was the beginning of a success story – which, however, also brought with it some ups and downs.

The sugar water story: Jobs convinces top managers

At first, Jobs and Apple were on a steep upward path, Jobs was already at the age of A millionaire for 25 years. Seven years after Apple was founded, he was able to win over then Pepsi manager John Sculley for his technology company. Allegedly, he should have asked Sculley if he wants to sell sugar water all his life. If this anecdote is true, Sculley seems to have opted for the fructose figuratively. It is also a testament to the persuasiveness of Jobs. He was able to inspire the manager Sculley to move to Apple.

The name Apple actually stands for the fruit. Jobs explained the story of its origins by stating that he had returned from an orchard; Apple sounds peppy, among other things, and takes the edge off the term computer. In addition, Apple is standing in front of Atari in the phone book, i.e. in front of the company where Jobs was put on the night shift.

He is late to his daughter – but he dedicates a computer to her

In other places, too, you can see how many personal jobs there were in the company. He named the computer Lisa after his first daughter, who came from a previous relationship with Chrisann Brennan. He did not stand by his first child in public until he finally named the first computer in front of the Macintosh after her, Lisa, and generally confirmed paternity.

The Lisa computer, however, was not a sales success. The following model, the Macintosh, is again inspired in its name by the apple variety “McIntosh”. The first computer with a graphical user interface, launched in 1984, was a success.

1985: Apple without jobs – he turns to new projects

In 1985 there was a disagreement between Jobs and the Apple management, the former co-founder left the company – years later he came back as the savior of the ailing company with his new company Next in his luggage. Jobs was not only concerned with the software manufacturer in his free time at Apple. He also invested his fortune in The Graphics Group, an animation film studio that created Pixar.

1991: Marriage to Laurene Powell

Big things also happened privately in the 1990s. Jobs married Laurene Powell in 1991 and had three children with her. For the visionary, his family always remains private, he prefers to go public with topics related to Apple. When he returned to his once co-founded company in 1996, he managed to lift the group from the red to the black one year later.

The unsuccessful years are over when Jobs takes over the helm again at Apple. With his ideas and his perfectionism, which is said to be true of him, he combined design and functionality in all Apple products. At the same time, voices were voiced that he was sometimes rude with others. In his new time at Apple, the company launched the iPod in 2001, and iTunes is also presented in the same year. From this point on, Apple is also involved in the music industry. Jobs is celebrating successes in his company again, privately he made his cancer public in 2004. Jobs mostly keeps his private life out of the public eye.

Only what concerns Apple is communicated

Little is known about his illness. He is said to have suffered from a pancreatic cancer that is rare but curable compared to other types of cancer. He returned to Apple after surgery six months after his illness was announced. In a known speech In 2005 he announced to Stanford students that “death is perhaps the best invention of life”.

During the next few years Jobs held back from expressing himself about his health, he continued to work for Apple and presented the iPhone in 2007, among other things. He also sold to Disney Pixar, which had meanwhile celebrated a huge success with the animated film “Toy Story”.

October 5th, 2011: Steve Jobs dies

While he is professionally successful, the public continues to worry about his health. The Apple co-founder is very slim when he announced a six-month break in 2009. He will have a new liver transplanted. Jobs returns to Apple, in 2010 he presented the iPad. It became his last Apple product presentation.

In the summer of 2011, he retired from the top of Apple, but not without having set up a team beforehand. Tim Cook also belonged to him, who took over the business of Jobs after his retirement from the management of the group. Steve Jobs dies on October 5th, 2011 surrounded by relatives.

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