How a solar flare can explain our star to us

Scientists propose a new interpretation for phenomena such as eruptions of solar material, using the very rare ones as a reference

When the surface of ours stella goes to meet violent eruptions, the entire solar system is affected. For example, when large quantities of material they are thrown into the cosmos, they have an effect on magnetic field of the planets, such as the Terra e Mars, and in particular on the crews of astronauts on mission in space and on electronic devices.

When an eruption is particularly powerful, or otherwise unusual, it can offer clues to help scientists understand the dynamics within the solar corona, but above all to make predictions for the future regarding the Sun and its surrounding planets. In this video you can see what astronomers called the Rosetta Stone of solar flares: a phenomenon taken as a reference as if it were a code to decipher what happens on the surface of the Sun and also a key to understanding how to protect ourselves from possible damage.

(Video credit: Nasa)

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