How cashback with Revolut works

For those who love shopping with their card, the cashback it is a considerable advantage.

It is a way to recover part of the money spent on a purchase, thus obtaining the return of one percentage. While this mechanism has achieved maximum popularity through recent government initiatives, it is a widespread practice in the world of cards.

Revolut, for example, it offers a cashback mechanism that is quite well known among users. By using specific links, provided by the platform, it is in fact possible to make purchases prepared for this mechanism.

Once the transaction has been completed and confirmed, if you meet certain conditions such as:

  • no return of the purchased product
  • use of the correct link
  • correct method of purchase

you can get back a percentage of the money you spend. To get cashback with Revolut, you need to wait too 90 daysafter which, the money will be available on the card.

Not just cashback: Revolut is one of the most popular prepaid cards in the world

I advantages offered by Revolut however, they don’t stop there. In fact, the prepaid card in question offers ample room for maneuver for those who use it habitually.

There is talk of the possibility of setting up recurring payments, of obtaining multi-currency accounts and to manage their money in a variety of ways. For those inclined to the fintech sector, the opportunity to do deserves a mention trade in cryptocurrencies. More prudent users, on the other hand, can take advantage of a practical one virtual piggy bank.

Despite all these cool features, Revolut’s real strength remains there transparencywith minimal and clearly visible costs, as well as areliability which has few equals in the industry.

Finally, it should be considered that applying for Revolut is simple and requires just a few steps, within anyone’s reach.

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