How did the MPEG format come about? Biography of an algorithm

How many times have you read biographies of great entrepreneurs, great sportsmen, great intellectuals or great politicians? But how many times have you read the story of a great algorithm? Now you have the opportunity to start this new trend thanks to the book published directly by the author of the algorithm itself: “Even the stars die: The history of MPEG and how it made digital media happen”Is the book written by Leonardo Chiariglione e available HERE in Kindle format (8,24 euro).

The history of MPEG, by Leonardo Chiariglione

The history of the format MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group), for years the absolute ruler of the world of video media, told by those who invented not only MPEG compression, but also the corresponding audio: MP3.

The book (in English) is divided into six chapters:

  1. the world before MPEG
  2. the genesis of MPEG
  3. analysis of some areas in which the MPEG has operated
  4. some of the features of the format
  5. the epiphany of the MPEG
  6. the future: MPAI

225 pages which tell not only a great intuition, but also the impact it has managed to have on the world of media. And it all came from the mind of Leonardo Chiariglione, an Italian of Italian education, son of the Polytechnic of Turin and for a long time protagonist of research in the CSELT world. A book that, in the right eyes, becomes a story of great inspiration and that delivers to posterity the vicissitudes of a compression algorithm that has written the history of digital video.

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