How do you sell on Amazon? A coupon to learn

How do you sell on Amazon? And how do you sell on eBay? For two days, thanks to the coupon “BONUS15“, You have the opportunity to learn it at a ridiculous price thanks to a in-depth course on Udemy which allows you to learn the basics of e-commerce on platforms for only 14.99 euros.

How do you sell on Amazon and eBay?

Salespeople are not improvised and you can easily understand if the course is right for you simply by analyzing the objectives of the course itself:

  • How to take advantage of marketplaces in international sales
  • How to calculate the most important margins
  • How to calculate an investment before doing it
  • How to rationalize supplies
  • How to rationalize shipments
  • How to avoid errors and problems
  • How to set up profiles and functions
  • How to proceed with sales

This course is a very useful tool not only for those who want to start selling on Amazon but also and above all for those who are already doing it and want to increase sales and margins. It is a strategy and analysis course held by those who work daily with Professional accounts with over 500 thousand products all over the world, from Europe (Italy, France, Spain, England and Germany) to the Americas (Mexico USA Canada).

Nine hours of on-demand video will guide you through the most important strategies, providing you with the skills and fundamental tools to immediately take the right path towards the commercial success of your business.

There coupon “BONUS15”Has a duration of 2 days and guarantees one 84% discount: Here because taking advantage of it NOW is a great investment.

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