How much battery can you save in dark mode?

Is it really effective or are the percentages negligible? A recent study on smartphones sheds some clarity

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In addition to a less eyestrain especially in the evening or with low ambient lighting, the main advantage heralded by dark mode is that of a energy consumption savings with oled display. Is this really the case or are the percentages negligible? A recent study conducted by Purdue University and published by MobiSys 2021 tries to shed some light.

As already extensively told, the dark mode – or dark mode – enables darker tones instead of light ones, with the background changing from white to black. It is now available on smartphone and computer interfaces as well as on all major applications. Oled screens would benefit from the greatest advantage since they “turn off” the pixels to reproduce black.

The researchers sampled four smartphones such as Pixel 2, 4 and 5 and Moto Z3 based on six commonly used applications such as Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google News, Google Phone, YouTube and the calculator, measuring energy consumption over a period of sixty seconds. The results? With a brightness set to a level of 30% -50%, the saved energy is equal to 3% – 9%, but the values ​​rise exponentially the closer you get to 100% brightness, with a saving that in fact reaches well 47%. Values ​​similar to a empirical experiment conducted on iPhone Xs.

dark mode saving
(Foto: Purdue University photo/John Underwood)

The researchers also noticed that the details of the standard consumption on Android do not calculate the dark mode, so they developed a tool for calculating consumption called Android Battery+. Another detail that emerged from the study is that by setting the light mode with brightness at 20%, the consumption is comparable to that of the dark mode at 50%. What to draw from this study? That the advantages of taking advantage of the dark mode are evident, certainly for an average brightness level (30-40%) they are not very high, but it’s all for the better.

In the study, yes points out how to save on battery consistently (even on lcd displays) there are more efficient ways such as the optimization of resources, the shutdown of unused modules and a more prudent use of the device: here is the guide to make the battery last longer your android e your iphone.

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