How to block payments and withdrawals with Hype

Hype It is one of Italian fintech services dedicated to the young people (and not only) best known in our country. It mainly owes its popularity to the amount of advanced functions it immediately managed to offer and which over time has also inspired the online platforms of other banking institutions. Among them, there is undoubtedly the possibility of block any type of payment, both physical and online, and withdrawals. Features that will surely be useful when the card is not used or is even lost. So let’s see how to do it from the official application.

Lost Hype card? Better to block payments and withdrawals

Before starting, however, we would like to clarify that to perform all the operations that we will see will be performed through the official application of Hype, available for free on Play Store e App Store. Furthermore, if the card is really missing, immediately after deactivating payments and withdrawals, we recommend that you contact the customer support of the service via the official website, so that the card is immediately blocked and the replacement can be issued.

made the necessary premises, let’s proceed immediately with the guide. First of all you will need to open the Hype application and log in by entering your credentials. At this point it will be necessary to enter the screen dedicated to information on the card. To do this, all you need to do is click on the icon with three dots at the bottom that says “Menu” To the right. Now just click on the card icon, followed by the wording “Paper ***” and immediately you will enter the payment options.

With the toggle at the top it will be possible, with a single touch, to activate or pause all the operations at the bottom. Alternatively, you can also decide whether or not to make only some of the available functions available. In particular, it will be possible to activate or deactivate ATM withdrawals, in-store purchases, or online purchases.

We recommend that you deactivate any type of operation every time you do not use the card, so as to avoid that, in the event of theft, someone else uses it without permission. Furthermore, we remind you that all these changes will also affect the digital cards inserted in Apple Pay o Google Pay.

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