How to lock your photos and videos in Google Photos

Google Photos has recently made it possible to protect “sensitive” photos and videos by placing them in the Locked folder. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

For one reason or another, we all have photos and / or videos that we don’t want others to see, and almost all of us have experienced this surge of panic when lending your phone to someone to show a photo and have that someone start browsing your photos. If you use Google Photos, you don’t have to worry anymore since it is possible to easily move your most sensitive photos and videos to a Locked Folder.

Google Photos Locked Folder is available on most Android devices

Locking photos and videos in this way was initially a feature reserved for Pixel devices. However, Google had promised that it would arrive on devices. Android and iOS before the end of this year 2021. Although the iPhone are not yet eligible, Android Police have discovered that some non-Pixel Android devices can benefit from it now.

First of all, a small clarification concerning the operation of this option. When you move photos and videos to your Google Photos Locked Folder, several things happen. First, the files don’t appear in your general photo library. Second, files are not backed up to the cloud, which adds an extra layer of protection. If you delete the Google Photos app or reset the phone, everything in the locked folder will be deleted immediately.

How to lock photos and videos in Google Photos

Once you have the feature on your Google Photos app, just open the photo or video you want to lock, swipe up from the image, or tap the icon with the three little dots in top right and find the option “Move to Locked Folder”.

If this is your first time using this feature, then Google Photos will display a screen detailing what it is exactly. If all of this is fine with you, go ahead and tap “Configure”. Authenticate using your usual lock screen method and tap “Confirm” when prompted.

Then just tap on “Move” and Google Photos will take this file out of your photos library and place it in the Locked Folder.

How to Access Files in the Locked Folder

The Locked Folder is somewhat hidden. To find it, tap on “Library” then “Useful suggestions”. Scroll down until you find “Folder Locked”. Authenticate and tap “Confirm”. There you will be able to view your photos and videos as you would in any folder. It is also possible to extract a file from this locked folder, of course.

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