HP and the school to come

The sense of Didacta 2022an event held in Florence from today until May 22, is all contained in the following words by Giampiero SavorelliCEO of HP Italy:

We are witnessing a phase of transformation in the school world, in which the educational needs and the skills that will be required in the future evolve. Projects such as Reinvent the Classroom International and HP LIFE offer access to tools and content to expand educational opportunities, fostering digital learning for students and supporting teaching.

The sense, in fact, is that of evolution. But it is a strong evolution, a historical crossroads that in hindsight will be the beginning of a new chapter in teaching and learning methods. It is difficult to understand the real causes and the effects that will arise, but one thing is certain: it is not an evolution dictated by technology, but rather a multifactorial drive in which technology is looking for solutions.

Didacta 2022: HP takes stock of the evolution underway

Teaching today is struggling to be as efficient as it once was and learning is clearly less flourishing: the statistical data speak for themselves and a probably unexpected problem is about to open up for the new generations (although observers report this trend that has been in place for some time ). In light of the importance of cultural growth and the essential role of education in today’s society and democracies, putting teaching at the center is absolutely necessary. Marianna D’AngeloEducation Lead of HP Italy, offers Didacta 2022 its own interpretation:

The context in which we live has radically changed compared to years ago. The technological modalities developed in the pandemic phase have created a new hybrid reality that has also had effects in the school world, giving life to different learning paradigms. In this process, technology has confirmed itself as an enabling factor for teaching and learning, because it is conceived from a hybrid perspective, with safe devices, designed for a collaborative logic. In addition to creating innovative devices, HP focuses on transforming and developing skills, promoting virtual spaces where you can access content and contributions. Participation in Didacta is for us a fundamental moment of comparison and sharing with the world of Education

Marianna D’AngeloEducation Lead, HP Italy

HP porta a Didacta 2022 “Reinvent the Classroom International“, International program for the enabling of new technological solutions in training. The transformation will have to take place, but it needs the right readings and the necessary technology for this path to begin. “HP Life“, A free and virtual platform for learning and developing one’s working future, is the natural continuation of the traditional school path: it allows you to imagine the future from an entrepreneurial point of view, proposing”a new way of studying and doing business“.

HP’s commitment does nothing but confirm the footprint of a Didacta 2022 as important as never before, as it arose after two years of “DaD” and in the context of a ferocious evolutionary acceleration that requires important reflections on what the sector is going through . Didacta, by its nature, is the ideal navel on which to build this atom of meeting and debate, the primordial soup of what could be a potential big bang in the way of teaching, learning and regulating the relationships between school and students.

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