HP Instant Ink: How to get free printer cartridges


HP Instant Ink is a new way of printing: you pay for what you print, not the ink you use. The printer will automatically order new cartridges when needed, at no additional cost. We explain the service to you, for whom it is worthwhile and how you can print for several months for free.

Printing is really old school! Anyone who has spent the last few months in homeschooling or homeschooling should now have a different opinion. Because even in the digital age it doesn’t work entirely without analog media: On the one hand, many things still have to be done in paper form (the authorities send their regards), on the other hand, printouts are literally more tangible than virtual files. This is especially true for photo prints, which are also ideal as personal gifts.

However, photos in particular have a reputation for being very costly if you print them yourself – after all, a significant amount of ink shoots out of the nozzles. The automatic cleaning programs are also known to be anything but economical, which is why the cartridges are empty relatively quickly even if the printer is rarely used. With HP Instant Ink you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

How HP Instant Ink works

You can also print photos cheaply with HP Instant Ink.
Print without regrets: With HP Instant Ink, you pay for what you print, not the ink you use.


No matter how much you print: A complete set of new cartridges should not be missing in any office or household – although there are a few things to consider when storing. For example, temperature fluctuations can affect the quality of the ink or print. Who one HP printers with Instant Ink owns, but does not have any reserves at all and also saves both time and money.

Behind HP Instant Ink There is a flexible ink delivery service that is geared towards your needs: If one or more cartridges are low, the printer automatically orders more thanks to the internet connection. You pay for the printed pages, not the ink used. So you can print photos without hesitation without having to pay careful attention to the fill level. If you haven’t used up your subscribed pages in a month, they will automatically be carried over to the next month. Additional pages can be booked just as flexibly and tariffs can be changed.

All the advantages of HP Instant Ink at a glance:

  • Innovative: a new way of printing
  • Saves time and money: Ink costs are reduced by up to 70 percent
  • Convenient: Get ink automatically delivered to your home
  • Sustainable: Ink, delivery and recycling are included in the price
  • Flexible: The HP Instant Ink Service can be canceled at any time

This is how much HP Instant Ink costs

Whether texts, handicraft templates, cutting patterns or photos: Print what you want – depending on the tariff, you have up to 700 pages per month at your disposal. New ink arrives on time and automatically without being billed separately. But HP Instant Ink is worthwhile even for those who do not print a lot: For just 99 cents per month you get a quota of 15 pages.

All instant ink tariffs at a glance:

  • 0.99 euros / 15 pages per month
    Accumulate up to 45 unused pages.
  • 2.99 euros / 50 pages per month
    Accumulate up to 150 unused pages.
  • 4.99 euros / 100 pages per month
    Accumulate up to 300 unused pages.
  • 11.99 euros / 300 pages per month
    Accumulate up to 900 unused pages.
  • 24.99 euros / 700 pages per month
    Accumulate up to 2,100 unused pages.

If necessary, you can book ten additional pages or 15 additional pages for the largest tariff for just one euro. A tariff change is possible at any time – downwards monthly, upwards even in real time. This can easily be done online in the customer account. All information such as the number of pages printed and the status of the ink delivery is also summarized there.

Secure starting credit for HP Instant Ink

The printer automatically orders new ink through HP Instant Ink.
Delivered on time: The printer automatically orders more ink via HP Instant Ink.


The cheaper the printer, the more expensive the ink – sometimes a set of new cartridges even costs more than the device itself. However, this rule of thumb cannot be applied to the instant ink-compatible models. This is particularly impressively demonstrated by the HP Deskjet 3750: For only 68.99 euros at MediaMarkt you not only get a compact all-in-one printer including scan, copy and mobile printing functions via WLAN, but even four months of trial for HP Instant Ink. Simply enter the PIN code JHZK (Media Markt) or. Q8ZY (Saturn) at the registration a. In the cheapest tariff with 15 pages per month, the printing costs for a whole year therefore add up to just 7.92 euros.

For comparison: when purchased individually, they cost Replacement cartridges with the colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow already 24.99 euros. These allow around 120 pages in black and white (ISO / IEC 19752). For the Instant ink registration is there a Starting credit of ten euros. Anyone who generally prints more should take a look at the other HP printers. A Overview of available models can be found at the end of the information page Media Markt and Saturn. Some are even on offer here at the moment.

HP OfficeJet Pro: The best multifunction printer

The printers of the OfficeJet Pro 9010 series from HP are real all-rounders.
The all-in-one printers of the OfficeJet Pro 9010 series from HP are real all-rounders for the office and home office.


The HP OfficeJet Pro 9012 is a perfect choice for demanding users and small offices: the all-in-one model impressed the CHIP test with a very good print quality, high work speed, a feature-rich scanner and low costs, which gave him an overall grade of 1.3 and first place in ours Multifunction printer leaderboard bestows.

Media Markt and Saturn offer the test winner for an unbeatable low price of 209.90 euros. However, it is currently sold out or not available online; as well as in many branches. After all, there is Twin boysHP OfficeJet Pro 9014 at the same price. The model seems to be equipped identically except for a slightly slower printing speed and offers instead of two months of trial 30 Euro starting credit for HP Instant Ink.

Anyone planning permanent use of the ink delivery service can use the HP OfficeJet Pro 9014e, which requires a continuous internet connection, save ten euros (199.99 instead of 209.99 euros) and also receive a whole nine free months for HP Instant Ink.

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