HP +: the new solution for worry-free printing

Designed for the new hybrid models of life and work, HP + offers a cloud-based ecosystem that allows you to print virtually anywhere, anytime

HP + represents a fundamental step in the printing experienceSaid Rossella Campaniello, Printing System Business Director HP Italy. This is a cloud-based ecosystem composed of three key elements: a hardware category leader represented by new HP printers; one of the most popular supplies subscription services, which now includes toner; the industry’s best print app, now in the cloud.

“In the HP + solution, ceach of the components “ continues Rossella Campaniello, “it was designed for a better experience and to meet the growing needs of those who rely more and more on their printers, especially at a time when remote working and hybrid work environments are still a reality.“HP + only works with a new dedicated line of HP printers – ranging from series HP LaserJet M200, winner of the Red Dot award for design, to the series HP OfficeJet Pro 8000e e 9000e, DeskJet 2700e e 4100e and series ENVY 6000e e 6400e.

Purchased the hardware, that is the printer compatible with the HP + system, it is necessary to open a account HP e connect it to the Wi-Fi network home. The internet connection is a prerogative to be able to use the HP + service. To close the circle, the app HP Smart which allows the user, through the smartphone, to print and scan from anywhere.

Instant Ink service offered for 6 months with HP +

The printer orders the cartridges

First, HP + has 6 months of HP Instant Ink service included for ink procurement. Basically, sign up within 7 days of setting up your HP + printer to print up to 1500 pages per month for 6 months included in the HP Instant Ink service. This means freedom to print without worrying about running out of ink: lIn fact, the printer orders cartridges when they are about to run out.

After 6 months the service will be paid with a formula that respects the user’s needs. HP Instant Ink pricing plans are monthly. You only pay for what you use, without any contractual or annual fee. The rate plan can be changed at any time. Monthly printing plans start from 0.99 euros for ink and 1.99 for toner. This means savings that can reach 70 and 50 percent respectively.

The smart that improves productivity

In addition to the demand for cloud-based solutions and affordable subscriptions, consumers and small businesses can rely on the mobile ubiquity. Through the HP Smart app, which has more than 48 million monthly active users, consumers have the ability to print and scan from virtually anywhere.

Scanning a document through the HP Smart app
Scanning a document through the HP Smart app

The advanced features of the HP Smart app allow advanced scanning, document editing, sending a fax through your smartphone. The shortcut advanced apps integrate with Google Drive, DropBox, and other apps to simplify document submission and storage.

The security of connectivity

The purpose of smart technology is to make life easier. For this reason, the new HP + cloud ecosystem allows home consumers and small businesses to stay connected and secure with unique new features. It starts with the new one Cloud resiliency which automatically detects and fixes connectivity issues. We then move on to the new monitoring system Smart Security designed to detect and prevent attacks malware.

Ecosistema Hp+
The Private Pickup function

Beware of privacy of your user, HP has activated the feature Private Pickup. If the printer is far from the workstation, the user can send the print and activate it only when it is next to the printer. In addition, from the personal page of HP +, the user can monitor everything related to his printer: monitoring of ink levels, management of subscriptions, connections, security.

A sustainable ecosystem

Three out of four consumers see sustainability as an important criterion when buying a printer. Through the HP + ecosystem cloud-enabled, HP is building on its commitment to a sustainable future by promoting, where available, the recycling closed of the cartridges.

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